Tricks to increase extra RAM of smart phone:

Increase extra RAM

Tricks to increase extra RAM of smart phone:

Hi friends today I got a very interesting thing in which I will let you know How to Increase extra RAM is very important in now a days, here I got a tricks which will really increases extra RAM or RAM Upgrade, In this generation due to the regular update of apps and game, the size of the apps got increasing which make our phone really very slow, If your phone doesn’t have enough RAM Memory it can struggle, but there are the way to address that.  So here is the tips and tricks if you want to know more please read the full article. increases extra RAM

What is RAM (Random Access Memory).

RAM is the most important part of your device, RAM is what your device uses when it’s doing anything. Here are the example, when you are using your device while playing game or browsing web page your device got slower due to the present of law RAM. So the more you have RAM the more you can do, for example you can have more browser tabs open, more apps running or more system features doing their stuff.

There is a very big issue with RAM is that isn’t always empty properly, due to the unnecessary running of background apps, some of the apps run even when you don’t need them, and some other don’t clean up after themselves when you quit them.

How to increase your RAM without root:

So guys now you have already all about what RAM is, here in this part we will show how to preserve it. Now here in the begging we will focus on tips for non-rooted device, those device you can’t add more extra RAM, but still than you can make better use of what you have got. Seems RAM is the main part of your device that’s why the more you use phone, the more the more RAM is used, so you can reduce what’s running you can free up more memory for the task that really matter.

Like your device storage, RAM is also a physical component of your device so you can’t just stick more in, What you can do is use more efficiently, or use some special tricks to create RAM from other kinds of storage.

Disable useless Applications:

Some of the apps take up much RAM even if they are not used currently, even if you are not using those apps, the apps running in the background take a huge amount of RAM, but it’s worth it to improve your smartphone performance.

To disable an apps, open your phone and go to settings> apps manager> go to all tab to get all the apps list of your device currently. To disable the running apps tab on it, than tab disable and then confirm. 

Live Wallpapers:   

Most of the people like live wallpaper, because of it pretty cool, but it take a huge amount of RAM usage. And it also causes your battery to drain faster. 
 So here is a big issue can produce noticeable result such as slow performance, lagging and stuttering, and the odd crash.

How to increase your RAM when you have rooted device:

Here is the most important part where we are going to explain of how to increase your RAM with a rooted device. The tricks of increasing of your RAM is related with your SD card, which will act as a secondary source of RAM. 
But you must be careful that you are not to disable everything and anything, unless you really want to end up with unstable system.

Here are the result follow: Increase Extra RAM

  • Totally free SD card as a RAM use (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)
  • Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB is compulsory (file system limit)
  • The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with SD card.
  • Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
  • Autorun the device
  • ​Swappiness kernel parameter set is needed.
  • Easy foolproof use (1 click optimization and automatic calculation)
  • Supporting Tung all Android devices

Check your device for compatibility:

Before you use RAM expansion, Increase Extra RAM therefore you will need to check that your device compatibility. So you will need to download Swapfile checker. After successfully download install the swapfile, now start the apps. Click ‘start ramexpander test here’ at the bottom of the screen. Select the SD-card or Ext SD-card. Then press ‘Click for result’. If ‘Congratulations’ appears, your device is compatible with the RAM expander app.

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